Consulting Services for Project Implementation, Rehabilitation of Locomotives, Completion/Repair of Workshop and Supply of Training Equipment

Consulting Services for Project Implementation,Rehabilitation of Locomotives, Completion/Repairof Workshop and Supply of Training Equipment


BMZ No.: 2015 65 316

Project Measures:

- Repair of up to seven German-built light main-line diesel-hydraulic locomot ives

- Overhaul/ repair of one underf loor wheel lathe

- Procurement and commissioning of one universal wheel lathe

- Provision (design, manufacture or procure) new t raining material

Requested Consultant Services:

- assess t he demand for works and spares necessary t o repair up t o seven locomot ives and t he underf loor

wheel lathe

- assess the performance crit eria in view of the foreseeable workload and draf t the technical specif icat ion for a

new universal wheel lathe

- specify the demand for new t raining material and equipment

- preparat ion of tender document s, assistance to the PEA during tendering and cont ract negot iat ion, as well as

supervision of the supplies and installat ions

Deadline: Aug 17, 2016

Count ry: Myanmar